Installing Hybris B2B

If we want to install B2B accelerator, we first need to run B2C recipe and then install B2B addon

Step 1

Navigate to the “< HYBRIS_HOME >/installer” directory

Step 2

Invoke the Installer with the b2c_acc recipe by entering the following command

On Windows :

  1.  install.bat -r b2c_acc
 install.bat -r b2c_acc

On Linux or Mac :

  1. ./ -r b2c_acc
./ -r b2c_acc


Wait for the build to get success

Step 3

In command prompt, Navigate to the < HYBRIS_BIN_DIR >/platform directory.

Step 4

Set ant environment by entering the following command

On Windows :

  1.  setantenv.bat

On Linux or Mac :

  1.  . ./
 . ./


Step 5

Run the ant modulegen command and modify the and input.package parameters as per project requirement

  1. <!--Run the modulegen command-->
  2. ant modulegen -Dinput.module=accelerator -Dinput.package=com.kb -Dinput.template=develop
<!--Run the modulegen command-->
ant modulegen -Dinput.module=accelerator -Dinput.package=com.kb -Dinput.template=develop

input.module parameter : Configures the modulegen task to use the accelerator module. value : Indicates the prefix that is added to the new extensions generated by modulegen.
input.package value : Defines the default Java package prefix.
input.template parameter : Defines how to use the default Hybris configuration

Step 6

After running the ant modulegen command successfully, open the ” localextensions.xml ” file located in
< HYBRIS_HOME >/hybris/configfolder

Step 7

Add the new extensions generated by modulegen to the “localextensions.xml” file

  1.      <extension name="mystorefulfilmentprocess"/>
  2.      <extension name="mystorecockpits"/>
  3.      <extension name="mystorecore"/>
  4.      <extension name="mystorefacades"/>
  5.      <extension name="mystoretest"/>
  6.      <extension name="mystoreinitialdata"/>
  7.      <extension name="mystorestorefront"/>
     <extension name="mystorefulfilmentprocess"/>
     <extension name="mystorecockpits"/>
     <extension name="mystorecore"/>
     <extension name="mystorefacades"/>
     <extension name="mystoretest"/>
     <extension name="mystoreinitialdata"/>
     <extension name="mystorestorefront"/>

Step 8

As instructed in the console output, remove the following extensions which are present in your “localextensions.xml” file


Step 9

Add the following B2B Accelerator extensions to the “localextensions.xml” file

  1. <extension name='powertoolsstore' />
  2. <extension name='b2bcommercebackoffice' />
  3. <extension name='b2badmincockpit' />
  4. <extension name='b2bacceleratoraddon' />
  5. <extension name='commerceorgaddon' />
<extension name='powertoolsstore' />
<extension name='b2bcommercebackoffice' />
<extension name='b2badmincockpit' />
<extension name='b2bacceleratoraddon' />
<extension name='commerceorgaddon' />

Step 10

Install the B2B Accelerator AddOns on the mystore storefront by running the following ant command from the
< HYBRIS_BIN_DIR >/platform folder

  1. <!--Command to install the AddOns-->
  2. ant addoninstall -Daddonnames="b2bacceleratoraddon" -DaddonStorefront.yacceleratorstorefront="mystorestorefront"
  3. ant addoninstall -Daddonnames="commerceorgaddon" -DaddonStorefront.yacceleratorstorefront="mystorestorefront"
<!--Command to install the AddOns-->
ant addoninstall -Daddonnames="b2bacceleratoraddon" -DaddonStorefront.yacceleratorstorefront="mystorestorefront"
ant addoninstall -Daddonnames="commerceorgaddon" -DaddonStorefront.yacceleratorstorefront="mystorestorefront"

Step 11

Add the following properties to < HYBRIS_HOME >/hybris/config/ file

  1. website.powertools.http=http://powertools.local:9001/mystorestorefront
  2. website.powertools.https=https://powertools.local:9002/mystorestorefront

Step 12

Build & initialize Hybris Commerce by running the ant initialize from the < HYBRIS_BIN_DIR >/platform folder

Step 13

Start the Hybris server by running the following command from the “< HYBRIS_BIN_DIR >/platform” folder

On Windows :

  1. hybrisserver.bat

On Linux or Mac :

  1. ./

Step 14

Add the following entry in your computer’s hosts file

  1.   powertools.local   powertools.local

Step 15

Once the server is started, access B2B Accelerator powertools storefront



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      Karibasappa G C (KB)

      First thing, static variables will never be a part of method, it will be a part of class always.

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      All static variables will be stored in separate segment inside Heap area only.

      1. The blog is very helpful. Thanks a lot for sharing! Also the “Inheritance in interface” page is not opening. Can you please fix that?

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