Synchronization in Hybris

Synchronization overview

We know that in Hybris,one catalog can have a list of catalog versions

Product catalog and content catalog will have mainly 2 catalog versions

1) Staged
This catalog version acts like a test catalog version,It is used to define catalog and verify it before moving into Online catalog version

2) Online
This catalog version is the one which will be used to display on the storefront.

So Online catalog version should be always active catalog version.

Ideally there will be no change in content between these catalog versions.

Synchronization is the process of copying the catalog content from source catalog version to target catalog version.

When we synchronize the staged catalog version, the same staged content will be copied to online catalog version

We can define the synchronization rule by specifying source catalog version and target catalog version.

How to do synchronization?

Synchronization can be done in HMC as below

I am taking the example of apparelProductCatalog to show it.

Search for the catalog “apparelProductCatalog”

Open it, we can see 2 catalog versions “ Staged ” and “ Online ” and we can see that online version is active

Open staged catalog version and click on Catalog Versions tab

Under dependent catalog versions,right click and create new synchronization

Define the synchronization rule with source as Staged and target as Online.

Let’s synchronize it

Open staged catalog version and click on catalog versions tab

Click on Synchronize catalog version button

Select source catalog version as staged and click on Next

Target tab will appear and verify the Target is as per the synchronization rule

Click on Start and wait for processing

Once it is success, all the content from staged version will be copied to Online version.

Note :
Synchronization job will be created and executed in the backend whenever we synchronize. We can also do synchronization in cockpits. We can use CMS cockpit for content catalog and product cockpit for product catalog synchronization. We can even write cron job and configure it to run in an interval to do the synchronization.

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