Groovy scripts overview

There should not be any surprise if any Hybris developer is asked to write Groovy script

Groovy is a scripting language based on Java.

It is used in Hybris world mainly for debugging and troubleshooting purpose

Using Groovy , we can run the scripts inside Hybris without modifying the source code.

It is very powerful for debugging purpose especially remote system

Example :
If we want to get the list of products which does not have any category associated with it
We can get it using groovy as below

  1. import de.hybris.platform.catalog.model.CatalogVersionModel
  2. import de.hybris.platform.core.model.product.ProductModel
  4. findProductsWithoutCategories()
  6. defaultProductService = spring.getBean "defaultProductService"
  7. catalogVersionService = spring.getBean "catalogVersionService"
  9. def findProductsWithoutCategories (){
  10.     CatalogVersionModel categoryVersionModel = catalogVersionService.getCatalogVersion("apparelProductCatalog", "Staged")
  11.     List<ProductModel> productModelList = defaultProductService.getAllProductsForCatalogVersion(categoryVersionModel)
  13.     if(!productModelList.isEmpty()) {
  14.         for(ProductModel product: productModelList) {
  15.             if(product.getSupercategories().isEmpty()){
  16.                 println " Product “+ product.getCode() +” does not have any categories associated with it :"
  17.             }
  18.         }
  19.     }
  20. }
import de.hybris.platform.catalog.model.CatalogVersionModel
import de.hybris.platform.core.model.product.ProductModel


defaultProductService = spring.getBean "defaultProductService"
catalogVersionService = spring.getBean "catalogVersionService"

def findProductsWithoutCategories (){
	CatalogVersionModel categoryVersionModel = catalogVersionService.getCatalogVersion("apparelProductCatalog", "Staged")
	List<ProductModel> productModelList = defaultProductService.getAllProductsForCatalogVersion(categoryVersionModel)

	if(!productModelList.isEmpty()) {
		for(ProductModel product: productModelList) {
				println " Product “+ product.getCode() +” does not have any categories associated with it :"

To run the Groovy script, navigate to http://localhost:9001/hac/console/scripting

Make sure Groovy is selected in the dropdown

paste the Groovy script under Edit statement, and click on Execute.

Result : display results returned by the script.
Output : display outputs raised by the script.
Stack trace : display error thrown by the script.

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