package keyword in java

The "package" keyword specifies the Java package in which the classes declared in a Java source file reside.

  1. package;
  3. public class MyCompanyService {
  4. }
public class MyCompanyService {

In the above example, the source file must be placed under the package /com/mycompany/services

Rules regarding the package statement

A source file can be placed under a specific package or default package.

The package statement (if specified) must be the first line in the source file.

Package name must follow the pattern: level1.leve2.level3….leveln
level1.leve2.level3….leveln are the sub packages in the same order.

If a Java source file does not contain a package statement, the classes defined in the file are in the default package.

Note that classes in the default package can not be referenced from classes in non−default packages.

In the example above, the fully−qualified class name of the MyCompanyService class is

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