Types of web service

Types of web service

We know that web service is a piece of logic provided through a network-accessible endpoint.

The service consumer and provider uses messages to exchange the information.

Web services can be classified as “SOAP” web services and “RESTful” web services.


1. SOAP Web service

It’s based on SOAP protocol which stands for Simple Object Access protocol.

It’s completely XML based protocol which uses SOAP envelope(header and body) to communicate between 2 parties.

It provides additional security with its Web Service security.

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2. Restful web service

Rest stands for Representational state transfer.

Restful web service are architectural based services unlike SOAP which is protocol based.

In Rest architecture, everything is treated as resource and which is identified by unique URI.

It can handle any type of data which could be XML, JSON or anything.

Rest is not much secure but we can add some basic authentication or SSL certificates to make it secure.

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