Solr Overview in Hybris

Please go through the solr related articles in Solr articles page before understanding Solr in Hybris. Most of the eCommerce sites provide search functionality on their sites and especially for searching products details. Products are the main searching data in any eCommerce site. Since Hybris is used for developing eCommerce sites,Solr in Hybris is used […]

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Understanding Solr configuration in Hybris

In Hybris, we have to configure the Solr in impex files Lets see the impex files used for the same in detail 1)solr.impex /import/coredata/stores/hybris/solr.impex 2)solr_en.impex /import/coredata/stores/hybris/solr_en.impex 3)solrtrigger.impex import/coredata/stores/hybris/solrtrigger.impex 1)solr.impex This file contains all the configuration of Solr including Solr server,indexing types,facets etc. Note: All the variables in the below impex files which starts with $ […]

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