Impex – Translator

Translator can be used to change the translation logic for a value Translator can be applied on any attribute as below <!–             –> INSERT MyType;…;myAttribute[translator=de.hybris.platform.impex.jalo.translators.ItemPKTranslator] <!– –> INSERT MyType;…;myAttribute[translator=de.hybris.platform.impex.jalo.translators.ItemPKTranslator] The above configured translator class has to extend the AbstractValueTranslator It defines 2 methods public abstract Object importValue( final String […]

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Impex – Cell Decorator

While importing impex value lines,sometime it is required to modify the value based on some business logic rather than directly inserting the value. Hybris has provided different ways to handle the same. 1) Using Cell Decorator 2) Using Translator 3) Using Special Translator In this article, we will discuss on Cell Decorator Cell Decorator is […]

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