Properties Files in Hybris

Lets understand the properties files in Hybris

We basically have 3 main properties files in Hybris to put the configuration values in the form of key value pair.

1) file in platform folder

2) file in each extension

3) file in config folder file in platform folder

This file contains the basic platform related configuration values which includes Database related propertis,XSS filter properties etc. file in each extension

This file contains the configuration values specific to an extension.

Each and every extension will have their own file.

And any properties specified in this file will take more precedence than file in platform folder. file in config folder

This file contains the properties which are common across all the extensions.

If we define the properties in this file, any extension in Hybris including custom extensions can access it.

Properties defined in this file will take more precedence than properties defined in any other properties file.

Priority in properties file

Remember that the precedence of properties files is as below


We can find all the properties defined in any of the above location in the HAC

Login to HAC and go to Platform/configuration


We can search specific key in the search box.

We can also change the values of the keys dynamically and add the new key value pair as well.

We are changing abstractorder.taxFreeEntrySupport value from false to true as below



We can do changes in all files except the one in platform folder.
Changing values or adding new key value pairs in HAC directly will be lost after restarting the Server.

So it’s essential to modify the values or add the key value pairs inside the properties file so that it remains forever.

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