How to change admin password in Hybris

In Hybris, whenever we log into HAC/HMC/Backoffice/cockpit we mostly use Admin credentials.

HMC login as below


We provide default user name as “admin” and default password as “nimda”

It’s advisable to change this default password for Admin due to security reasons

How to change default password for Admin?

As we all know that Admin is an Employee who belongs to Admin Group.

We can change the password for Admin through impex or from backoffice directly by finding Admin employee.

Steps to change Admin password through impex are as follows

Step 1

Create impex

  1. # Change admin password
  2. UPDATE Employee;UID[unique=true];password
  3. ;admin;1234
# Change admin password
UPDATE Employee;UID[unique=true];password

Step 2

Run this impex in HAC after log into the HAC using default password

In the above impex, I have changed the default password for admin from nimda to 1234.

Now whenever admin wants to login to hybris system, password 1234 should be used.

We can configure this impex to run during initialization or update system, check this article for more details.

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