Ant all v/s Ant clean all

Lets understand ant all and ant clean all

Hybris uses Ant as a build framework and it has come with its targets like ant all,ant clean all etc in Hybris.

We can see the list of ant targets by running ant –p command from the command prompt (hybris\bin\platform)

We basically use ant all or ant clean all commands to build the hybris framework.

Ant clean all

When we invoke ant clean all command from command prompt,it does below things

1) Check folder structure

It first checks the folder structure of Hybris installed directory.

It checks whether config,log,data,temp etc folders are available inside hybris folder.

If this folder structure is not available then it creates the folder structure

If this folder structure is already available then do nothing.

2) If there is no build, It will create a build from scratch, if there is any build exist, It will delete and recreate it

Ant all

1) It assumes folder structure is already exist

2) If there is no build, it will create a build from scratch, if there is any build exist, it will modify it rather than recreating it.

It’s advisable to use ant all more frequently for building the Hybris platform.

Use ant clean all during the first time setup or if some changes are not reflecting even after doing ant all.

Otherwise ant all should be fine for building hybris platform.

Ideally ant clean all does everything what ant all does and it also performs some additional tasks.

Ant all is faster than ant clean all for the above reasons.

ant_all vs ant_clean_all

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